Customer Feedback

We have a policy to invite customer feedback at any time on the way we run The Village Stores and the products and services we sell.  It is vitally important for our business that we understand what the customer thinks.  In addition, we run an annual survey using about ten questions to rate certain criteria - supplemented by customer comments.

The first annual survey was held in December 2011 - our first year running The Village Stores.  This was repeated in November/December 2012 using some similar and some new questions.  In 2011 we received 30 completed questionnaires and in 2012, 39 questionnaires were returned.  In 2013 the number of completed questionnaires was less than previous years prompting us to consider moving to a two-yearly cycle.   

Below are links to the reports containing all the customer comments (nothing has been removed) and our reponses.  This feedback will be used in shaping the way we do things at The Village Stores.  Thank you to all that took up the challenge!!

Customer Feedback November 2011

Customer Feedback December 2012

Customer Feedback December 2013


2013 Customer Feedback Questionnaire

The following link is for the 2013 questionnaire.  Just click on the link, print off the form and write your comments against the ten questions.  Then pop into The Village Stores and put your feedback form into the box.  We will then give you a draw ticket and if your ticket is pulled out of the hat on Christmas Day, you will win a prize.  The winning ticket number will be posted on Facebook and Twitter, as well as in the shop.  Good luck!

2013 Questionnaire